We All Need To Keep Our House Clean. Here Are Some Tools To Make It Easier

Tips for Repairing Your Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener may just be one of the most one of the most neglected mechanical components in any household. It’s understandable, why would anyone pay any attention to these devices unless they are malfunctioning? Unfortunately, there’s likely to be a day where your garage door opener will give you a bit of trouble. No doubt, this can be frustrating to say the least.

With any luck the fix is simple, and we’re going to discuss some of the most common problems that people experience with their existing garage door openers. Sometimes that won’t fix the issue though, and the only choice you’ll be left with is to find a replacement. Before we go there though, let’s try some quick fixes.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues and Repairs

There are three very common repairs that come up with garage door openers. Luckily they are all fairly simple fixes. Let’s start with the most common:

Garage Door Won’t Close

If your garage door begins to close, gets pretty close to the bottom, then turns around and raises back up, then the most likely source of the issue is dirty or misaligned safety sensors. All garage door openers should be installed with safety sensors that prevent it from closing should something be blocking its path – be it a car, a ball, or (heaven forbid) a pet or a child. There are absolutely essential to the safe operation of a garage door, but if they get out of whack you can experience issues. Each sensor has a light that will be illuminated if it is seeing the other sensor properly. If you notice that the light is out or is flickering, you’ll likely need to clean the sensors or realign them until the lights stay illuminated.

Garage Door Closes All The Way, Then Opens

This problem is quite similar to the symptoms we just described, but the cause is slightly different. All garage doors should be equipped with a feature that if they feel resistance during travel, they turn around and go the other way. The reason is that if the sensors fail and an object begins to get squished between the moving door, the door won’t continue to push down and cause more damage. Likely what is happening is that the travel is set farther than the fully closed position of the garage door. As a result, the garage door opener thinks the ground is actually an object that it should not be squishing. Simply back off on the travel in the closed position and you should have the problem solved in no time.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Respond To The Remote

This is perhaps the most simple fix of all. If you press the button on your remote and the garage door opener doesn’t respond, then most likely the issue is that your garage door opener remote’s battery needs replacement. If that doesn’t fix it, you may well need to replace the battery in the garage door opener unit itself.

These simple fixes will take care of 90% of the problems you’re likely to encounter when using your garage door opener. If they don’t take care of it, you might want to consider calling a professional to take a look at it. This can be expensive though, and for the price you’ll pay you might be better off replacing the garage door all together. If you’re going down this route, you might want to take a look at the ultimate guide by BGDOR, it’s chock-full of information that will help you find the perfect opener for your home.

How To Find The Perfect Dog Crate For Your New Furry-Friend

Becoming a dog owner is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Your new little furry friend is sure to bring joy and playfulness to your home or apartment, while developing a connection between you unlike any other. Despite the fact that you acquired your furry friend to live and share your home it apartment with you, it is still important that you acquire a doggy crate.

Many dog owners often feel discouraged when purchasing a crate for their dog simply because it may resemble a cage. However, dog owners should recognize that dog crates are completely natural for dogs, as they can imitate the feel of a den. This is because the crate would act much like a den, ultimately serving as a more modernized version of it. Back in the day, dogs would make a shelter out of these dens, which were previously narrow passages or shallow holes, aimed at protecting them from predators. These crates should be just large enough for your furry friend to turn around and comfortably lie-down in.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having a crate in your home is its capability to speed up the house-breaking process, discourage bad and destructive behavior such as chewing on household objects as well as tremendously air when it comes to traveling. When electing a dog crate for your pet, there are a number of variables that you should consider aside from the physical size of it. For an example, you should also consider the crate’s safety, materials used as well as the level of comfort your dog will have. Below are a few other factors you should consider when choosing a crate for your dog. 


It is irrefutable that the bigger your dog, the bigger the crate needs to be in most cases. This is in part due to the fact that your dog must be capable of standing up in the crate without needing to duck their heads down in between their shoulders. Not only will this keep them comfortable in the crate while helping them in avoiding being crammed and stressed, but also lets your pet enjoy being in there when necessary. The crate must also be big enough to where your furry friend can lie down and full stretch out their entire body without coming into contact with the walls or sides of the crate.

However, as much as it is critical to purchase a dog crate that is large enough to accommodate your dog, it is also important to keep the size of the crate a little restrictive in terms of free movement. This is largely contributed to the fact that dogs generally prefer to be clean as a part of their nature. Consequently, if the crate is too big for the dog they might feel as if it is okay to relieve themselves inside of the crate since there is a lot of empty space inside. They may relieve themselves in the crate and sleep in another corner, ultimately decelerating their ability to get “potty-trained”. 

Materials Used

While the majority of the materials used to make crates serve in a uniform fashion, some materials are more suitable in different situations. For an example, the most common crate type is a plastic crate. This is generally very suitable for smaller dogs, especially puppies. This is because they are made of flexible, durable materials with a steel door opening. Some plastic crates also contain features such as vented side panels and leak-proof flooring. The Pampered Pup has a great summary of the best dog crates available, some of which even claim to be escape proof and indestructible. Not only are plastic crates easy to clean, but also offer privacy for your dog. Lastly, they are also approved for airline travel. 

Another common type of dog crates are travel crates. They are generally much more durable than plastic crates, as they feature supreme heavy-duty construction, visibility and ventilation. These trace crates are a very popular crate type for training given their unique features of durability and visibility. Lastly, they are an excellent option for driving or flying with your furry pet. 

The last common dog crate type is a wire crate. Not only do they provide the maximum amount of ventilation, security and visibility, but also portability. Generally, these crate types are easily foldable, ultimately providing a convenient way to store them when not in use. Additionally, since they have a large amount of open space, they can be easily cleaned.

Home Water Filtration: Here’s What You Need To Know

Although the drinking water in your home is treated by the town prior to entering your residence (unless you’re on a well), it can pick up trace elements and bacterial pollutants on its way typically via toxic water runoff from industries and farms, which leads to contaminated water. Therefore, many individuals opt to install a water filtration system in their home to help remove possible impurities for healthier drinking water. Some systems can also remove chlorine for improved taste and odor, and some also even remove lead, which can be especially harmful to developing children.

Overall, water filtration systems help ensure a healthy mineral balance, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy pH in the water, which improves the quality of water used throughout your home. There are various types of water filtration systems, for instance, some use a physical barrier, while others use a biological process, and then there are ones that use a chemical process to remove impurities. Some things you should know to help select the correct water filtration system for your home include:

Know What Contaminants are in Your Water

First, take a water sample to the nearest state certified laboratory to help determine the exact impurities that are present in your water. Once the laboratory confirms the impurities in your water, it will then give you an idea of the type of filter you need based on testing.

Resilient pollutants, such as ions, metals, lead, and aqueous salts, can only be removed using a reverse osmosis filter, which drives polluted water through a lining at high force so that the water is able to permeate through; however, the impurities in the water remain behind.

Meanwhile, most basic pollutants, such as chlorine and sediment residue, can be removed using an Active Carbon Filter, which utilizes a layer of activated carbon to remove pollutants via chemical absorption. Active Carbon Filters are also useful for removing bad taste and smell from water. However, they are not recommended for dissolving inorganic substances, salts, or minerals. Carbon filters vary in effectiveness, so be sure to select one based on your particular needs.

There are also ion exchange filters that soften hard water. They operate by removing limescale, which in turn makes the water more digestible. There are also faucet and pitcher filtration systems.

Understand the Filter’s Purification Rating

The filter’s purification rating is often indicated in gallons per day. Therefore, if you plan to use large amounts of water, such as for cooking, showering, and doing laundry, you must select a filter that is effective at treating numerous gallons of water daily. Selecting a filter that is not effective at treating large amounts of water per day means that you will not have sufficient water for your household’s needs.

Filters that Remove Pollutants and Improve Taste are Best

Bad odors found in water that is untreated can also pose a threat to your health; therefore, aim for a filter that not only removes pollutants but that also neutralizes bad smells for all-around safe drinking water that is refreshing and crisp to the taste.

Inquire About the Maintenance

There are less costly filtration systems, such as faucets and pitchers, which require little maintenance because they do not include additional features. Meanwhile, more advanced systems can require more maintenance due to their features, such as built-in indicators that alert you when the filter needs to be replaced. More advanced filtration systems can also be laborious to install, which means you may need to call a professional, so keep this in mind when selecting a system.

Compare Costs

When selecting a home water filtration system, you should select a system based on what you can afford because, keep in mind, you will still be responsible for your monthly utility bill in addition to purchasing the system. Advanced filter systems, though more costly, are more powerful at eliminating contaminates because they are equipped with more advanced techniques to purify water. However, less costly filters, such as faucet filtration systems, may prove more costly over time because they require filter changes more frequently, so do the math.

Ultimately, drinking purified water can help reduce the risk of pollutants which have been linked to gastrointestinal disease, a weak immune system in developing children as well as an increased risk of colon cancer, bladder cancer, and rectal cancer from chlorine and its products. Home filtration water systems provide a convenient way to enjoy purified water and without the cost of purchasing bottled water.

How To Find The Right Snow Blower for Bend, OR Winters

While looking for the right snow blower for Bend winters, ensure you consider the following factors so that you can get the snow blower you want. Note that each snowblower type is available in different widths.

1. Size of the Area that Requires Clearing

Single-stage units are suitable for small driveways while a two- or three-stage unit is suitable for driveways at least 60 feet long.

2. The Kind of Snow that Requires Clearing

Light snow can be handled by single-stage units. The two-stage unit has an impeller which assists in preventing clogging in the heavy and wet snow. It also has serrated augers that penetrate hard-packed ice or snow. Three-stage units help in moving heavier and wetter snow in a short time.

3. The Type of Terrain

Models which are push-propelled and auger-assisted are ideal for level surfaces. On the other hand, wheels which are engine driven are suitable for the sloped terrain. Tire chains can be used with particular models for enhancing traction in all conditions.

Types of Snow Blowers

The major snow blower types include single-stage gas, three-stage gas, single-stage electric, and two-stage gas. Since your regular snow-clearing job can be handled by more than one of these types, consider the benefits of each.

1. Single Stage

These types of snow blowers are lighter in weight and easier to handle in comparison to two- or three-stage snow blowers. These blowers are ideal for clearing snowfall of at most 8 inches in mid-sized areas. The snow is directed via a discharge chute by an auger. The auger can contact the surface to offer limited forward-driven action despite wheels lacking an engine-driven feature. Single-stage blowers are suitable for areas you won’t pick up gravel or rocks like paved surfaces because auger contacts the surface.

i. Corded Electric

These single-stage snow blowers begin with a button’s push and require less maintenance than a gas model. They are typically more compact and lighter in comparison to gas models. However, they need an extension cord that stays flexible even when the weather is cold. Select a compatible extension cord according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

ii. Cordless Electric

This is a single-stage snow blower that features a push-button to start, and maintenance is low. It is more compact and lighter. Additionally, it does not require a power cord, unlike other electric snow blowers.

iii. Gas

This single-stage snow blower lacks a power cord, and for that reason, it is mobile. It also has greater intake heights and available clearing widths than electric models.

2. Two-stage Snow Blowers

These snow blowers are gas models and can handle snowfalls of over 8 inches. They are ideal for clearing large areas. Their wheels have an engine-driven feature which reduces fatigue of the operator in addition to better handling of uneven terrain. An impeller fan discharges the snow via a chute after collection of the snow by an auger. This double-stage process moves snow farther and faster than single-stage blowers. Some models have skid shoes which assist in elevation of the auger to be able to use the blower on unpaved surfaces.

3. Three-stage Snow Blowers

These models have a gas feature, and they can handle a lot of snow in a short time. When it comes to operation, it resembles the two-stage snow blower. Additionally, it has an accelerator, which has ten times the speed of the augers to help in clearing heavy snow quicker than a two-stage snow blower.

Features of a Snow Blower

In addition to looking for a snow blower that suits your needs, ensure the features of the blower suits these needs. The most features are found in three- and two-stage snow blowers.

• An electric starter

• A powerful gasoline engine

• Clearing width and intake height

• Single-hand operation

• Speed controls

• Power steering

• Large tires

• Treads or tracks

• A remote chute control

• A joystick chute control

• A deflection extension or extended chute

• Drift cutters

• A headlight

• Heated handgrips


Once you have considered the area requiring clearing, the type of snow, the type of terrain, and your budget, you can then choose the model with the features that suit your needs. Happy snow blowing!

Bend, Oregon Nightlife: The Essential Spots

After spending eight long, exhausting hours inside a metal tube flying thirty thousand feet in the air, you reached Bend, Oregon. Other than knowing the city has a fantastic outdoor scene – a hiker’s paradise, you know nothing about the city’s nightlife.

Luckily for you, this blog post will shed some light on what the city has to offer during the night. This way you can show the people, especially the ladies, your impressive dance moves, and have something to talk about with your friends once you returns home. To pull this off, let’s begin with SEVEN.


When it comes to visiting places for laughs, drinks, and entertainment, look no further than this place. It has everything one is looking for in a nightclub. It has comedy performances, karaoke bars, local DJs, and of course, drinks – just don’t have so many drinks that it’s impossible to return to your hotel.

For the comedy events, the two to look out for are Comedy Open Mic Night and Stand-Up. On Thursday nights at 7pm, patrons can attend the Open Mic Night event and get a full night of laughs. Or, they can enjoy the live Stand-Up comedy performance that happens every Friday at 8pm. But if one can go to both, then do it. To know who’s performing on those nights and the price of tickets, go to the nightclub’s Facebook subpage, Bend Comedy.

In addition to comedy events, SEVEN has karaoke bars customers can use to terribly sing their favorite Demi Lovato or Justin Timberlake song to their heart’s content. The two popular ones are Hump Day Karaoke and Cocktails & Karaoke. The first one begins on Wednesdays at 8pm, and the other one starts on Thursdays at 6pm.

However, the best time to go the nightclub is on the weekends, primarily Fridays and Saturdays. Guests get to hear jokes, watch the UFC on paper-per-view, and dance to incredible music remixed by local DJs.

While this nightclub hosts some cool events, it isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are places in the city that offer a more relaxed environment at night. One of these places that come to mind is Astro Lounge.

Astro Lounge

As mentioned previously, this place offers a more chill atmosphere for people who aren’t into nightclubs. One of the cool aspects of it is its diverse food options. For example, patrons can order a dish called Garlic Hummus that comes with wonton strips. Or, they can order something simple, like Mac ‘n Cheese. Either way, Astro Lounge serves everyone’s tastes buds.

When things couldn’t get any better, Astro Lounge has a Happy Hour event from 4pm to 7pm. During this time, guests get served crazy drinks, like Astro-Smash and Stockholm Royale, and food for a cheaper rate. In addition to Happy Hour and excellent cuisine, the place hosts various events throughout the year, such as Trivia Tuesday. Now, for those looking for something more unique, the Velvet Lounge is the place to visit.

Velvet Lounge

What makes this place so special is its rustic-chic interior and art decorated walls, which gives it an art gallery feeling on steps inside. In addition to cool interior design, the bar has an interesting menu. For instance, the drinks have ingredients that come from a tree located in the South American rainforest.

Moreover, the menu has crazy spelled food and drink options. For example, when reading through the menu options, the names for the food and drinks have crazy spelling, like Yamajito, Moscow mule, and Zucchini Fries. Which, gives outsider of the Bend, Oregon area the feeling that the bar’s targeted patrons are hipsters.

While it doesn’t have cool events like the previously described places did, Velvet Lounge does have a unique atmosphere to it that will appeal to some customers.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the three locations described in this article gives anyone looking to visit Bend, Oregon a reason to do so, and give you more insight into the city’s nightlife. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. If you found it enjoyable, leave a comment below and keep exploring.

Must Try Restaurants in Bend, OR

Oregon is one of the fast growing states in the country. The beautiful woods, easy access to the coast and highly educated population make it an alluring place. One of the most popular cities in the area is Bend, Oregon. Many people have chosen to make this their home. If you live here and want to try new things or you are visiting this region and wish to enjoy a great meal, there are several restaurants that should be at the top of your list. These places take full advantage of the region’s many fine products and offer the opportunity to get to know locals at the same time.


This neighborhood joint is a favorite for locals on their lunch break. Join them as they enjoy food that is both creative and comforting at the same time. Familiar items like burgers are right here along with salads, mussels and fries, a vast selection of sides and lots of cocktails to relax with as the day winds down. This makes the perfect stop if you want something that’s not fussy.

McKay Cottage

Start the day off on the right note with a fabulous breakfast. At McKay Cottage, breakfast is the focus. The emphasis here is on comfort foods. Try the delicate yet filling French toast. Items like cottage fries and omelets make it easy to get a hearty meal. If you have a sweet tooth, sample the homemade scones and the pecan sticky buns.


Ethnic Lebanese food is on hand here. The chef is from Beirut. He’s take his roots and turned to the bounty of the region at the same time. The result is authentic Lebanese food made from high quality ingredients. This is the ideal place to stop if you’re looking for a fast lunch. Make a meal of the various small plates with dishes like spiced olives, Oregon lamb pitadilla and harissa spiced clams that call to mind places very far away.

Fusion & Sushi Bar

Upscale food from highly trained chefs can be found right here in Bend. Joe Kim is a three time semi-finalist for the prestigious James Beard award. He brings his spin with Asian based flavor profiles to his own place. He also uses other kinds of cuisine ingredients to bring food that is uniquely his own. The ramen noodles carbonara illustrates his command of many kinds of ingredients. Sample the hot and sour soup topped with tortilla chips and try the barbecued pork made Chinese style with plenty of subtle heat that works well with one of the restaurant’s sweet desserts. There’s many Japanese and regional Asian wines on hand to complement his menu.

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

Cajun and Creole cuisine take center stage at this eatery. The luscious local produce pairs very well with the spices and elegant seasoning that are a hallmark of Louisiana cookery. If you’re in the mood for lunch, this is the place to explore this vibrant restaurant. Here, the goal is food that is bursting with flavor in every single bite. Vegetarians will find a full range of options including blackened tofu and lots of pasta choices. Meat eaters can relish the spices on hand in dishes that pay homage to one of America’s most celebrated cities. Multiple signature cocktails are on the menu, making it a great place to sample with lots of friends.


This widely hailed regional restaurant is about fun in a casual setting. The menu shows off the owner’s varied travels across the globe. Influences from Bangkok to Mexico bring his dishes a very special tang that has been widely noted by many local and national publications. People can sample fried chicken that is gently paired with homemade Korean kimchi. His many celebrated dishes include favorites like catfish tacos topped with a chili spiked mayo, grilled corn with lime butter, and a much adored salad of romaine lettuce with a strawberry and cumin dressing and a hint of poblano chilis. This is a nice place to appreciate all that is wonderful about living in the area and how chefs have been able to take advantage of it.

We All Need To Keep Our House Clean. Here Are Some Tools To Make It Easier

Cleaning the house is not everyone’s favorite jobs. While you don’t want to clutter your home up with a lot of gadgets, there are some excellent tools that can make cleaning your house a bit easier. Let’s take a look at some favorites.

Dish Brush

Getting food particles off of dishes can be a chore. A dish brush makes it a lot easier. The bristles on the brush scrape across the particles and loosen them from the surface. A dip in the dishwater cleans the bristles and you are ready for the next dish. This type of brush is excellent whether you are just scraping dishes for the dishwasher or doing the dishes by hand.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Throw out your old cleaning rags and invest in some good microfiber cloths. The soft durable texture on these clothes makes it easy to remove grime from just about any surface without doing damage. The fine fibers easily pick up dust from wood and glass. They are fully washable and will last for many years. Add a few of these cloths to your car cleaning kit.

Cordless Vacuum

One of the hassles of housecleaning is dragging the vacuum and its cord from room to room. A cordless vacuum solves half this problem. Without the long cord getting in the way, you can get busy vacuuming floors throughout your home without a lot of hassle. You can cover the entire house in half the time it takes with a corded vacuum. Now, that is making cleaning easier for everyone.


Most people clean mirrors and windows with paper towels and window cleaners. While that is an effective option, a squeegee makes the job go faster and more efficiently. The squeegee applies even pressure across the glass, minimizing smudges and streaks in the process. Plus you can cover a larger area with a simple swipe, making the job go faster.

Scrub Brush

When you need to apply some elbow grease to tough dirt, a scrub brush will do the job. Ideally, the brush should have a handle so you can get a firm grip on it. This tool allows you to the soap scum off the bathtub wall and the dirt off your floor. Getting a few scrub brushes in different sizes will help you get into every space you need them in.


A toothbrush is a perfect size for getting into small dirty spaces. A classic example of this is the open space around the base of your faucets. Dirt loves to accumulate in this part of the bathroom and kitchen. A toothbrush can easily remove small particulates and keep the area clean. Grout and sink rims are other examples.

Microfiber Dust Mop

If you have hard surface floors, a microfiber dust mop is an essential tool in your cleaning arsenal. The fine fibers on this type of mop pick up pet hair and dust like nothing else. The swivel head makes getting in and out of tight spaces simple. The mop is light, making easy to use for anyone in the family. The head can come off and go into the washer for a quick clean.

Extendable Duster

Dust and cobwebs seem to appear overnight, many times in out-of-reach places. A duster with an extendable handle will help you conquer these challenges. The expanding length of the handle makes it easy to reach the ceiling and higher parts of the wall, as well as getting behind and under furniture.

Spray Bottles

Now, many modern cleaners already come in their own spray bottles. However, if you want to try homemade cleaners, spray bottles are essential. White vinegar and water combine to make glass cleaner. Sudsy ammonia is good for removing grease in the kitchen. Lemon juice is a great anti-bacterial agent. Hydrogen peroxide works for disinfecting surfaces and cleaning stained grout.

Supply Caddy

When moving through your home, it is handy to have all of your common cleaning supplies in one container. A supply caddy will do the job. You can load up your cleaners, brushes, and sponges into the caddy and start tackling your cleaning chores. If you have more than one story in your home, consider buying caddies and supplies for each floor.