How To Find The Perfect Dog Crate For Your New Furry-Friend

Becoming a dog owner is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Your new little furry friend is sure to bring joy and playfulness to your home or apartment, while developing a connection between you unlike any other. Despite the fact that you acquired your furry friend to live and share your home it apartment with you, it is still important that you acquire a doggy crate.

Many dog owners often feel discouraged when purchasing a crate for their dog simply because it may resemble a cage. However, dog owners should recognize that dog crates are completely natural for dogs, as they can imitate the feel of a den. This is because the crate would act much like a den, ultimately serving as a more modernized version of it. Back in the day, dogs would make a shelter out of these dens, which were previously narrow passages or shallow holes, aimed at protecting them from predators. These crates should be just large enough for your furry friend to turn around and comfortably lie-down in.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having a crate in your home is its capability to speed up the house-breaking process, discourage bad and destructive behavior such as chewing on household objects as well as tremendously air when it comes to traveling. When electing a dog crate for your pet, there are a number of variables that you should consider aside from the physical size of it. For an example, you should also consider the crate’s safety, materials used as well as the level of comfort your dog will have. Below are a few other factors you should consider when choosing a crate for your dog. 


It is irrefutable that the bigger your dog, the bigger the crate needs to be in most cases. This is in part due to the fact that your dog must be capable of standing up in the crate without needing to duck their heads down in between their shoulders. Not only will this keep them comfortable in the crate while helping them in avoiding being crammed and stressed, but also lets your pet enjoy being in there when necessary. The crate must also be big enough to where your furry friend can lie down and full stretch out their entire body without coming into contact with the walls or sides of the crate.

However, as much as it is critical to purchase a dog crate that is large enough to accommodate your dog, it is also important to keep the size of the crate a little restrictive in terms of free movement. This is largely contributed to the fact that dogs generally prefer to be clean as a part of their nature. Consequently, if the crate is too big for the dog they might feel as if it is okay to relieve themselves inside of the crate since there is a lot of empty space inside. They may relieve themselves in the crate and sleep in another corner, ultimately decelerating their ability to get “potty-trained”. 

Materials Used

While the majority of the materials used to make crates serve in a uniform fashion, some materials are more suitable in different situations. For an example, the most common crate type is a plastic crate. This is generally very suitable for smaller dogs, especially puppies. This is because they are made of flexible, durable materials with a steel door opening. Some plastic crates also contain features such as vented side panels and leak-proof flooring. The Pampered Pup has a great summary of the best dog crates available, some of which even claim to be escape proof and indestructible. Not only are plastic crates easy to clean, but also offer privacy for your dog. Lastly, they are also approved for airline travel. 

Another common type of dog crates are travel crates. They are generally much more durable than plastic crates, as they feature supreme heavy-duty construction, visibility and ventilation. These trace crates are a very popular crate type for training given their unique features of durability and visibility. Lastly, they are an excellent option for driving or flying with your furry pet. 

The last common dog crate type is a wire crate. Not only do they provide the maximum amount of ventilation, security and visibility, but also portability. Generally, these crate types are easily foldable, ultimately providing a convenient way to store them when not in use. Additionally, since they have a large amount of open space, they can be easily cleaned.

We All Need To Keep Our House Clean. Here Are Some Tools To Make It Easier

Cleaning the house is not everyone’s favorite jobs. While you don’t want to clutter your home up with a lot of gadgets, there are some excellent tools that can make cleaning your house a bit easier. Let’s take a look at some favorites.

Dish Brush

Getting food particles off of dishes can be a chore. A dish brush makes it a lot easier. The bristles on the brush scrape across the particles and loosen them from the surface. A dip in the dishwater cleans the bristles and you are ready for the next dish. This type of brush is excellent whether you are just scraping dishes for the dishwasher or doing the dishes by hand.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Throw out your old cleaning rags and invest in some good microfiber cloths. The soft durable texture on these clothes makes it easy to remove grime from just about any surface without doing damage. The fine fibers easily pick up dust from wood and glass. They are fully washable and will last for many years. Add a few of these cloths to your car cleaning kit.

Cordless Vacuum

One of the hassles of housecleaning is dragging the vacuum and its cord from room to room. A cordless vacuum solves half this problem. Without the long cord getting in the way, you can get busy vacuuming floors throughout your home without a lot of hassle. You can cover the entire house in half the time it takes with a corded vacuum. Now, that is making cleaning easier for everyone.


Most people clean mirrors and windows with paper towels and window cleaners. While that is an effective option, a squeegee makes the job go faster and more efficiently. The squeegee applies even pressure across the glass, minimizing smudges and streaks in the process. Plus you can cover a larger area with a simple swipe, making the job go faster.

Scrub Brush

When you need to apply some elbow grease to tough dirt, a scrub brush will do the job. Ideally, the brush should have a handle so you can get a firm grip on it. This tool allows you to the soap scum off the bathtub wall and the dirt off your floor. Getting a few scrub brushes in different sizes will help you get into every space you need them in.


A toothbrush is a perfect size for getting into small dirty spaces. A classic example of this is the open space around the base of your faucets. Dirt loves to accumulate in this part of the bathroom and kitchen. A toothbrush can easily remove small particulates and keep the area clean. Grout and sink rims are other examples.

Microfiber Dust Mop

If you have hard surface floors, a microfiber dust mop is an essential tool in your cleaning arsenal. The fine fibers on this type of mop pick up pet hair and dust like nothing else. The swivel head makes getting in and out of tight spaces simple. The mop is light, making easy to use for anyone in the family. The head can come off and go into the washer for a quick clean.

Extendable Duster

Dust and cobwebs seem to appear overnight, many times in out-of-reach places. A duster with an extendable handle will help you conquer these challenges. The expanding length of the handle makes it easy to reach the ceiling and higher parts of the wall, as well as getting behind and under furniture.

Spray Bottles

Now, many modern cleaners already come in their own spray bottles. However, if you want to try homemade cleaners, spray bottles are essential. White vinegar and water combine to make glass cleaner. Sudsy ammonia is good for removing grease in the kitchen. Lemon juice is a great anti-bacterial agent. Hydrogen peroxide works for disinfecting surfaces and cleaning stained grout.

Supply Caddy

When moving through your home, it is handy to have all of your common cleaning supplies in one container. A supply caddy will do the job. You can load up your cleaners, brushes, and sponges into the caddy and start tackling your cleaning chores. If you have more than one story in your home, consider buying caddies and supplies for each floor.