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How long have you lived in Bend? Some of you who are reading this are natives with a long family history in the area. Others may be brand new here. Regardless of how long you’ve been a Bend resident, one thing is clear: You have come to learn that this city is not quite like any other in the U.S. There’s a strong feeling of community and friendship that binds Bend residents together, a feeling that few other cities can hope to match, much less excel.

Maybe it’s because the residents of Bend have always been a hardy bunch. We’ve always felt that the best way to get something done was to do it ourselves. Of course, this is where the strong feeling of community comes in. This is the feeling that our new website strives to maintain. The Bite of Bend is a site where new and native residents of this great city can come together to share wisdom, ideas, and plenty of new tips and tricks.

You may ask just what is The Bite of Bend all about? It’s about Bend, it’s about the community that unites it, and the spirit of “can do” that defines it. The Bite of Bend is a site where you will be able to learn and share all kinds of fascinating ideas. How about some handy life hacks that apply especially to residents of this old and fascinating city? You’ll find them right here on The Bite of Bend.

Household cleaning tips, cooking hacks, renovation advice for kitchens, and more can be found here. The Bite of Bend is here to be your source for all the aid and counsel you need to function as a citizen of this great city. If you’re looking for the latest recipe advice or a new way to keep that pesky blender from coming apart at the seams, check the site. You just may find it here sometime soon.

Of course, we can’t do it all without help. Specifically, we need your help. Please feel free to write in with all of your questions, comments, and contributions of all kinds. If you’ve got something to say or something to contribute, The Bite of Bend is the place to do so. Together, we can make this the ultimate website that serves Bend residents. It’s up to you to help us grow stronger, so let’s get started today.