Why Everyone Is Loving Electric Skateboards Right Now

When starting skateboarding, many people have the misconception that it is the simplest and most fun sport. When they get onto the skateboard, they realize that the skill needs a lot of training and muscle memory to pull off effectively. The learning process is more complicated when you are using the traditional skateboard. However, when you invest in an electric skateboard, you will be amazed by the world of difference between the two skateboarding techniques. Here are a few of the reasons why everyone is currently in love with electric skateboards and giving them preference above their traditional counterparts.

Have fun when commuting

When you are in the driver’s seat of your car, you have to worry about a million things such as checking the traffic lights, making sure that guy in front saw the lights, dealing with the abusive driver behind you, signaling when turning and everything else which makes driving such a process. However, when you are on your skateboard, there is nothing to worry about except how best to enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. You can even smell the roses as you go, and the best part of the entire deal is that you do not have to endure hours of traffic jams to get to your destination.

Save on gas

There is no doubt that gas prices are at a ridiculous all-time high. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas every month so that you can get to work because you can simply buy an electronic board and get to your destination in time and with less of a hassle. The electric skateboard also does all the work and you will not get to work with a fatigued foot from maneuvering through traffic. The other great benefit that comes from this non-gas commute is that there is less environmental pollution.


One of the biggest challenges that skateboarders usually have when they are dealing with the traditional skateboards is braking. Most of the times, braking on the traditional skateboard needs a lot of muscle power and a lot of coordination, which can fail when the reason you are braking is a pop-up emergency that you hadn’t planned for. Electric boards on the other hand, have a very effective braking system. The system involves a remote control that you hold with your hands while you ride the board and as soon as there is a reason to brake, you can simply press the button and get the board to come to a halt.

Ease of uphill travel

Another of the demerits which came with the traditional skateboards was that traveling uphill was well, an uphill task. When you replace the old board with an electronic one, you do not have to push it uphill with one leg on the board and the other off the board. All that you have to do is change the settings on the remote so that you can cruise up any hill with ease and convenience. When getting the skateboard, make sure that the motor allows you to navigate hills with ease.


While it is true that the traditional skateboard was faster than walking at times, even a pedal bike, an electric skateboard offers the fastest traveling alternative of this kind. The motor which comes with the board accelerates faster than your feet are able to when you are on the regular board, and this is especially true when you are navigating places that have a bit of an anticline. On the other hand, when you are going down the hill, the traditional skateboard will push you along fast enough because of the help that comes from gravity, but the electronic skateboard will also have the wattage of the motor, making you go faster and making the ride more enjoyable. In case you need to break fast, the electronic board is your best bet that you will make the stop on time.

These are some of the reasons behind the wild popularity that electronic skateboards are enjoying at the moment. The best way to learn more about the benefits which come with the electronic boards is to get one and start enjoying your rides.

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